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Sold -Paterson FS

William Sycamore

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Sold - A Replica Arms Paterson with case and accesories. The action is a little stiff, but I suspect that it just needs oiled. I never messed with it. I don't think that this has ever been fired, but it does have minor marks from being in the case. The case needs some work as a couple of the dividers have come loose. This comes with the Paterson flask, bullet mold, and loading tool. Asking $925.00 shipped, where it's legal for me to directly ship to you. 






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14 minutes ago, William Sycamore said:

It is a 9 inch barrel, for those asking. 

The infamous Jersey Colt! Wish I hadn't already bought myself a pretty.

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When you do sell it don’t ship it in the case, if you do all the partitions will be damaged. If you already knew that then consider the warning for the readers of your post that didn’t. 

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6 hours ago, William Sycamore said:

Thanks Nimble Fingers. That's probably what happened to the inside of the box years ago. 

You are welcome, I learned it the hard way with a gift of a 2nd Gen 1851 Navy, the seller shipped in the case and the gun bounced around. Glad I could help. 

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