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Yukon King

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 One of a couple of well sought listings that will draw plenty of interest.

Can anyone vouch for our new friend Yukon King?

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The email address was used in 2015 related to a real estate inquiry in Talahassee FL.


One of the clubs listed on the OPs profile page (Bushwackers) is associated with Talahassee FL.


A couple checks of Practiscore results linked from the club page does not show a Yukon King alias.


I am certainly cautious, but if someone from either of the clubs is on this forum, it would help with vetting:


Big Bend Bushwhackers

Red Hills Rangers

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ULEFONE is a ruggedized outdoor cell phone sold in the US. So not a stock photo.


A google image search did not find this picture. So it was not ripped from a known and indexed gun board.


I would accept a vouch from a known Talahassee SASS club for this member. i would not buy based on the first member posts.


@Yukon King , please do not take us vetting you personally. It is just that 90% of the first time posters selling stuff here make the rest look bad. I'm hoping you are in the 10%. If so, relax, we will get it sorted.

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It would be easy enough to contact someone from either of the clubs he listed.  There are huge numbers of SASS shooters who never look at the Wire, so might not have one of those club members to just happen upon this topic.

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