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Christmas 1975 by Paul Harvey

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3 hours ago, Dawg Hair, SASS #29557 said:

I really miss Paul Harvey and Earl Nightingale.  Used to listen to them both all the time.  That type of broadcasting is gone and lost.  Too bad.

+1  The fun part was at the end of the broadcast, when he would say, "For Casite (or some other sponsor), Paul Harvey........(loooong pause)... Good day!" The pause was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. :D

Oh, yes, I used to frequent the Adler Planetarium. That was where I got fascinated by and interested in space.  The lecturer (I think he was the director) was a man name Shatzel.  He would project line images superimposed on the constellations, so you could imagine what the constellations looked like.  About 9 years ago, when preparing my mother's house for sale after she passed, I took my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter to the planetarium.  The old Zeiss projector had be replaced by a newer model, but apparently still had the capability to show the constellation outlines.  But the young woman who was presenting the program didn't show them.  I asked her why not, but she hadn't thought of it, in spite of having the capability. Maybe, my question might have sparked some thought process with her.  I haven't been back since... :(

For space enthusiasts, Trailrider........Good Day and Happy Holidays!

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i always enjoyed paul , he was fun to listen to , i remember that 75 broadcast , he forecast a lot of today right here , even in the ads , i question how "absolute" the mechanical instrument might have been in that year but , i admire that he was willing to say it , i love that we can here it today , alignment of the planets , would love to see it in my lifetime as he depicted it here and experience it as those of that time , with their limited knowledge might have , it must have been miraculous , at least in their minds , ive only felt something close to that once when i first saw the northern lights on an island in canada many years ago , it left you speechless 

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