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SOLD LEATHER CHAPS all buckles no zippers.

Mezcal Charlie

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After a short run, I am getting out of Cowboy Action. Father Time is a mean old fart and he’s mad at me. No more shooting due to nerve damage that’s progressing. So I’m selling some guns and other gear. 

I have these chaps that I had made during COVID when I couldn’t shoot but could shop. They are legitimate to the CAS timeframe as no zippers only buckles. Adjustable from about 40” to 60” with room for big thighs (lineman and later 2nd row scrum in Rugby) the length is for about 32” to 36” inseam, see pics. They are really good looking chaps but I’m no longer shooting, and we’ve moved to FL. The gal who made they makes real rodeo and working chinks and chaps on ESTY but I forgot her name at the moment. 


$350 shipped to you. 
NOW REDUCED, $250.00 shipped. 













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