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I have read not to use .408 dia bullets for the 40-65.  Handloaders manual show dia of case mouth as .406. And, the 40-70 Sharps BN case mouth as .403. I use .408 bullets in my 40-70BN with no problems and no recoil. No, I cannot remember where I read no .408 in the 40-65. Any experiences either way? Thanks for your comments. GR

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If any of this is "old news" just ignore it.


To be really warm & fuzzy best to make a chamber cast & slug the bore or the rifle you will be reloading for.


For example, some old Marlin 1893's  in .38-55 according to the bore would really like a bullet larger than will chamber.

They are much larger in some cases than the "newer" .38-55 guns.

Hopefully measuring different brands of brass will help, neck reaming cases is just a chore.

Then there is the "what size does my loaded round come out of my die at?"

I have heard some folks have to work on their dies.


Best of luck with your project.

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40 minutes ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

I shoot .410 in my 40-65 C-Sharps Highwall.

Me too but in a CPA!!

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5 hours ago, Mad Dane, SASS#5536 said:

Slug the barrel-then .001-.002 over groove diameter.

THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER!  Everything is is "by gosh & by golly: ain't I lucky?  ... or not!

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I would definitely make a chamber cast (Cerro Safe from Brownell or Dixie Gun Works) to see if the chamber will accept a larger bullet.  Don't know if your rifle is an original or a modern copy.  Winchester .40 calibers were all over the place as to groove diameter!  Generally, however, the oft-listed .403" bullet diameter was not correct, with .406" being most often encountered. Best of luck!

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