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Sears Garfield House

Rye Miles #13621

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The original founder of my company had a sister who ordered a Sears and Roebuck catalogues house. The railroad ran about a block from her house. He said the train stopped, a bunch of people showed up to offload it. The package included everything needed to build the house. All you needed were hand tools.


An employee bought it from him and remodeled it. It was a very nice, well built home with an efficient floor plan.

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In 1972 we bought a prefab house that was built in the 40’s after the war. It wasn’t a Sears house but it was brought to the property on a truck and put together in a few days from what I was told. It was a small 2 bedroom, no basement and a crawl space for an attic. Far smaller than the Garfield house shown in the OP.

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A piece of forgotten history; Sears kit houses-- and others, too.


Just a year or so ago one of my sons, a commercial real estate broker, was able to give us a tour of a church building he'd just sold. It was a large, Craftsman-style structure, with sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, kitchen and fellowship hall, etc. An entirely kit-built building from the 1930s. It had been used for non-church purposes for decades.


Nobody could find out much about its history. It was set for teardown, but it got me interested in that history of kit houses and buildings from the era.

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These houses were very interesting and there is a fair amount of information to be found on the web. As you can see from Rye's post, they came in elaborate styles, and quite a variety.


You could call them pre-fabs, which they were, but the term now connotes something much simpler, such as pole buildings or what we might call double-wides and 'manufactured' homes. These were stylish multi-story homes.


Window into the past-- a time when Sears sold....everything.

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