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Since it is now December!

Charlie T Waite

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There was no need to wait for December, it seems.  Nor Thanksgiving.  Nor Halloween.  Anytime from Labor Day on is apparently considered acceptable to some for Christmas-themed advertising, decorations, tunes, whatever, in my 2022 experience.  It is understandable to have to put up with it for several weeks; it might even be enjoyable if it actually lasted only for a few weeks so that the holiday season seemed actually special in some way.  But several months of it is just not right.

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im not going to pretend anymore - BA humub , this is not my favorite time of year , too many things went bad in the past over this season of T-give to X-mas for me to assume it will be different this year , im in for my grandchildren but other than that i dread this time of the year ......and you can extend that into january at least a week for that matter , 

all that said ill watch some christmas movies and pretend that idyllic life might one day happen but all the time know what ive lived thru and repeat BAA HUMBUG , 
but - i wish you all the most happy holidays with all best intent and true feelings of gratitude for all the years ive felt this way , life is good , tis the season to be jolly , 
maybe one day ill think different of my life , im trying , really i am , this might be the year for all we know , ill let you all know when it happens - i do live with an optimistic mind believing all will be better in the future - dont get much reinforcement in the news . politics , or daily life tho , 
rest of the year im really good 
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2 hours ago, High Spade Mikey Wilson said:

This is my favorite time of year! The problem is that as soon as New Year's is over the reality sets in that I still have 3 months to be bored until CAS season starts around here. :(


I have never understood why, as soon as the Christmas season is over, it takes the winter season with it.   Winter is just getting started, but all of the non Christmas winter decorations disappear with the Christmas ones.   It's silly.

Personally, I consider the "holiday season" to be mid October to Mid January.   But I observe each of the holidays in their own time.

My brother's birthday

Columbus Day.

My birthday


Veteran's Day


(And only AFTER the above are all passed do I do anything Christmasy)


New Years

Martin Luther King Day.  (The holiday to recover from "The Holidays.)   It is by this day that the last of the Christmas decorations are put away, but I will allow a few winter things to stay out through the end of February if I am so inclined.


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