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Bad Hombre has Left Us


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After a short illness Bad Hombre passed into Eternity.

He leaves behind his loving wife Quickstraw Connie and hundreds of Cowboy friends.


I met these two sweet people about 12 years ago shortly after I started shooting.  I was shooting with the fast shooters whenever I could to try and pick up some tips to make me faster. 

I was very competitive and after about a year I started getting discouraged.

Enter Bad Hombre, Quickstraw and The Broncos. They were all competitive but still having fun. So I started shooting on their posse. Their nature was to have fun and laugh A LOT and that rubbed off on me.

BTW no slight against the fast guys. Their fun and my fun just didn't hit it off (it was all me).


Bad Hombre and Quickstraw Connie were the Florida Outlaw Champions in 2021 which was very cool.


Bad Hombre liked to play a cowboy with a rough exterior but as my wife :wub: said he was a happy guy with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye.


When I started CAS my moustache was kept trim. Then I thought to myself Cowboys probably had bushy facial hair most of the time. So looking for a model cowboy moustache I settled on Bad Hombre for my perfect Cowboy moustache.:lol:


It wouldn't be Heaven without The Cowboy Wire so I figure he can see this. You might have been Bad Hombre but you were a good friend. I'll meet you by the River.




Bad Hombre livin' on the edge.



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My condolences for the loss of your special friend. May he rest in peace.

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Happy trails Hombre!!

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22 minutes ago, Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L said:

Lost far too many Cowboys and Cowgirls this year.

The last couple of years have been brutal.


Sorry to hear of your friend's passing, Waimea. My condolences. 


Seems like everyone is gone too soon.



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I really enjoyed shooting with Bad Hombre & Quicksdraw Connie. When I started shooting, they were always at Titusville-Hatbill Gang, at the T&R Ranch in Howey in the Hills, and The Lake County Pistoleros.  Fond memories of those times- Hombre was quite the shooter - two handed, duelist, outlaw, 87, 97, sXs -he could do it all. 

Godspeed to Connie & Family 


AO & Midwest Hale 

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I’m so sad!! Your write up described Bad Hombre perfectly! He tried to be all “bad and tough” but I could see the twinkle in his eyes! :wub: He and Connie were always fun to shoot with and so very helpful… to everyone. 

Sending lots of hugs and love to Connie and all who loved, were loved by and will

miss Bad Hombre.



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My wife and I first met Quicksdraw Connie and Bad Hombre at a Palm Bay match and they welcomed us both with open arms.  Bad Hombre mentored me and we had a lot of laughs and made great memories. He had a heart of gold and was always willing to lend a hand.   Bad Hombre will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Connie and their family. 


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