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     I had a problem with a carrier I got. Left a message and it took several days but the call was returned. I ended up being very satisfied. That was before Land Run so it's been a little while.

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As many of you know, Jim Bowie had spine surgery October 19th. He was in the hospital for about 12 days which included about 5 days physical and occupational therapy. He is doing well but resting alot. You can send us an email at candistorestore10@gmail including your phone number and he will be calling customers back beginning next week. Thank you all for your patience.


Jim Bowie is the Cowboys & Indians Store.  Jim from a 2016 photo.



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21 minutes ago, Preacherman said:

Yes I know that, but then don't take orders or put somebody else in charge. Put another message on your site. It's over a month ago and absolutely NO communication whatsoever. I'm frustrated. No way to do business. We'll eventually figure it out I gusee.

You only started this rant 18 hrs ago.  :rolleyes:

And this coming from a TG too.   :huh:

Carry on .....



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The point is that many SASS shops are one-man shops.  When the one man is down the shop is down.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda, is fine with an outfit with thousands of employees.  Not so much with a one man shop.

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