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Tuna Boat Wine Glass Carrier

Yul Lose

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A couple of years ago, Buck Garrett a pard that I shoot with a lot and have known since my CAS beginning, talked me into building a teak wine glass tote for a long range fishing boat out of San Diego. I guess there is a small group of fishermen that frequent the boat and bring their own wine when they go on long range fishing trips. They have these very nice wine glasses that they bring along and they needed a tote to safely store them in while on the trips and then back home. Here’s what I came up with, it’s teak lumber with dovetail joinery and an oil finish. Since it’s on a fishing boat I used stainless latches, handle and hinge with stainless screws. Double Diamond designed and built the interior to keep the glasses safe during storage and transport. Buck is out on the boat right now and sent me the pictures of it in use. It matches the teak used throughout the boat.



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