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Effective October 31, 2022 " Sedalia Dave " Named Team SASS Deputy Director

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A short while back I spoke with Joe DeBergalis, aka Allegiance, who has been Deputy Director of Team SASS.  He advised me that due to his new position with the NRA he would no-longer be able to be the Team SASS Deputy Director.  I thought about that Colonel Dan had set as the objectives and discussed the situation with Sedalia Dave.  When I called him and explained that I did not leave this position unfilled on my departure from as Director. I then proposed to make him the “Deputy Director” of Team SASS and told him why we needed/wanted to do this. I told him that with all he has done since I took over Team SASS was better suited to the position. Fortunately, for us he has agreed to assume the role.  Misty Moonshine & the SASS Office agreed so now Team SASS will again have an official Team SASS Deputy Director and a perfect fit to act as the Team SASS #2.


It is my great honor to announce that effective immediately, Sedalia Dave is named Deputy Director of Team SASS.


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4 minutes ago, Itchy Trigger said:

Is this a Halloween Trick???.?


Seriously, congratulations Sedalia Dave!

No Trick and wait till you see the next post from me...:rolleyes:

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Thanks for picking up the torch.

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