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Wow! Truth and Justice ride again!

Tuolumne Lawman 6127

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Here's an update on "Truth and Justice", the pair of Dave Anderson 1860 .44 Colt Cartridge conversions I wrote about in my October Cowboy Chronicle article.


Went to "Peaceful's End of Track" annual match at Railroad Flat, CA,  Three day of Cowboy Action shooting at its best.  Initially, I was going to use my Truth and Justice .44 Colt on one day of the main match, and my pair of 1860 Kirst/Pietta .45 Schofield/Colts on the next day of the main match. 


The first day was side matches, so I went to the test fire area to shoot Truth and Justice to ensure the main spring and firing pin spring changes worked.  The target was a 12" steel plate at about 15 yards. A Pard (Longfeather, age 84) was there checking one of his weapons.  When he was done, he watched as I fired 5 rounds each from both .44s.  He spotted and said, "My gosh, those are printing dead center", showing about an inch and a half circle with his fingers!  Sure enough, both were perfectly regulated top where I was aiming dead center at 15 yards.


I took them to "Quigley Pistol," shooting a steel plate at 50 yards, off hand. I nailed 5 out of 5, dead center.  I used them the next day for the first half of the main  match, and they did so well, I used them the second day instead of my Kirst/Piettas.  Out of 150 rounds fire, I only missed 2, which were from a moving ore cart, but landed the other 8 from the cart!  One stage had challenging 6"x4" knock down tombstones at about 10+ yards, and I was one of the few people (and the only person on my posse) to hit them first shot with the pistol.  They built in "make up shots" for missed tombstones with a shot gun, but I did not need them.


I have never in my 28 years in SASS, had a better regulated, more accurate pair of pistols.....  I guess that I should not be surprised with the accuracy .44 Colt BHA cartridge, as its brothers - the .44 Russian and .44 Special have a reputation for phenomenal accuracy. 


I swear that Truth and Justice almost had magical powers, hitting anything you aim them at!  Also, in 28 years of Annual matches, I have never placed in any category, but this year shooting Truth and Justice, I actually placed third in the "Elder Statesman" (70+) category!




The gang.jpeg

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Cool story.   Sounds like you had a heap of fun, and thanks for sharing it.

You know, that Henry needs to become, "The American Way," somehow.  :)

(And if you ever wanna write an article about my Big Iron, give me a call!)


Looking forward to hearing about your next shooting adventure.

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