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[FS] Odds & Ends | Redwing Screw Knife, 1851 Navy Cylinder, etc.

Wade Butcher

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I'll be clearing out a few CAS / SASS boxes over the weekend, and I'm starting with the following goodies. (Pocket watches and other stuffs coming soon.)


1. NEW / UNUSED Redwing Trading Screw Knife (aka Un-Jammer Tool) in gray antler and nickel silver accents with leather sheath by G.L. Fross.

Retail price was $119. Asking $75 shipped via USPS. SOLD


2. NEW / UNUSED Pietta 1851 Navy Black Powder Cylinder in 44 Caliber. Fully engraved. Black.

Retail price is $95. Asking $50 shipped via USPS. AVAILABLE


Stay tuned for more...


Instant electronic payments are always preferred. However, payment options are flexible. Simply inquire.


Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed.


Screwknife 1 1000px.jpg

Screwknife 2 1000px.jpg

Screwknife 3 1000px.jpg

Cylinder1  1000px.jpg

Cylinder3 1000px.jpg

Cylinder6 1000px.jpg

Cylinder7 1000px.jpg

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