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Fiocchi Cowboy Loads-ftf??

Long Gun Preacher

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Sounds like you need a stronger hammer spring?  Are these guns worked on or stock?  
is there a good deep dent in the primer?  

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OP, what hammer spring are you run'n? 

1 hour ago, Long Gun Preacher said:

Thanks everyone.  It might be the hammer spring-I had them lightened.  Can anyone tell me what is the standard spring

What model Vaquero? 

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8 minutes ago, Long Gun Preacher said:

Sir.  Old model 45lc

OEM was 23lb hammer and 40oz trigger return springs.

Call Wolff Gunsprings and order 18lb hammer and 32oz trigger spring.

Ask them to pull the order from the same lot run if you have 2 Vaqueros to retune.

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If you lighten the hammer spring too much you need to use federal primers. Competition shooters in sass and modern guns use federal as they are the softest. You can go as low as an 11lb hammer spring in a full size beretta 92 if you use federal primers. Others may not pop. Not sure what primers fiocchi loads with and for all we know they may use multiple brands. If you’re gonna go super light on springs you gotta police the primers yourself. 

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