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FTF, Miss, or No Penalty

Ashley D Austin

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Here is a scenario that happened this year that caused some discussion. According to SASS rules should it have been a FTF, a miss, or no penalty?


Staging: Rifle loaded with 10 rounds.

ATB: Engage three stationary targets in a triple tap sweep, then knock down the bonus target for a three second bonus. No penalty for not knocking down the bonus target.


The shooter loaded 10 rounds as instructed and completed the triple tap sweep, but while shooting one of the rounds failed to fire and was ejected and the shooter did not fire on the bonus target. The Timer Operator thought the shooter still had one round in the rifle and director the shooter to fire on the bonus target. When the shooter responded one round had been ejected, the TO did not say anything, but reported one miss to the score keeper because the shooter did not fire on the bonus target.


The spotters argued there was no miss because the shooter loaded and attempted to fire 10 rounds, completed the triple tap sweep, and there was no penalty assigned the bonus target.


The Range Officer was consulted and responded that the shooter should have reloaded one round because “something has to come out of the barrel” to be considered fired and said it was a Fail to Fire. The RO was not informed that the target in question was a no penalty bonus target

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Was the FTF the 10th round? If it was then I would say that the bonus target had been engaged (no call).  If it wasn't the last round, then the bonus target was not engaged (miss).


My 2 cents, 


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It's a MISS for the unfired/ejected round.

On a "no miss bonus", a round MUST still be fired (unless it is designated as an "optional reload" target).




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