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Everyone should have at least one "custom" gun.

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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i appreciate seeing what yall posted , ive not found that special one nor been inspired to have one done up , yet , ill find it , closest  ive come is a pair of factory engraved EMFs [i think they are laser printed ] but i rather liked them at the time , ive always thought it would be nice to have a "special" one but ive not found one in my price range yet , 

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So we did a thing, let's call it a "restomod", a little restoration, a little modification. El Q ( Tommy Bonnet ) of Island Gunsmithing was game to make one pretty. (is that possible, pretty tent stakes??:D) The 97 mismatched serial number parts gun is from an old CAS friend who's passed. The butt stock, with checkered steel butt plate, (incorrect style for a million+ serial number gun) is from another friend (thanks Steven Deuce Stevens! ) El Q did the bone color case, rust blue, nitre blued screws and cleaned up the wood! Turned out awesome!! What a special gun! Then, I shot it all day at the Red Hills Rangers Wild Bunch match today and it didn't once act like a tent stake. :P







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18 hours ago, Fireball #7709 Life said:

So we did a thing, let's call it a "restomod", a little restoration, a little modification.


Oh, how very nice looking!  I wouldn't mind having one like that, even if it does have a short and stubby barrel!   :)

Very excellent looking.   Thanks for sharing.

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