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Watched an old man today

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One of Mama's favorite activities was People Watching.

I built on that as a lawman -- had to, in that profession -- it's become quite the habit.

I watched an old man come up to the stop sign at our town circle, stop, proceed with the right-of-way -- but he immediately doubled back, into the firehouse lot, stopped, got out.

I watched him cross the tree lawn and sidewalk, I watched him pick up a small American flag lying in the parking spot, apparently dislodged from its fellows in the landscaping surrounding the decorative greenery.

This fellow looked to be a little past retirement age, his hair gone to white, and he moved like his suspension had seen too many miles.

He picked up the flag, shook it once, brushed it once, turned and thrust it back into the landscaping from whence it appeared to have come.

He took a step back.

As he came to attention and raised his hand in a correct military salute, for a moment -- for just a moment -- I could see the lean young man he must have been at one time.

He turned, got back in his car and left.

I have no idea if anyone else noticed this old fellow or not.

He didn't do it for the attention.

He did it because it was the right thing to do.

I'm glad I saw it.

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I hope that our young people will one day be seen doing the same.


The boys and girls I coached in youth sports, have for the most part, grown up revering our nation and our flag.  Many have gone on to military service and even careers in service to our country.


Sadly, those that disrespect are the ones who receive the recognition and sometimes the praise that should be reserved for those who uphold our freedom and traditions!!

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When I was a kid, there was an old man who walked the neighborhood every day and mumbled to himself.
As I recover from the bypass surgery, I walk the neighborhood and memorize my Masonic ritual.
This requires mumbling out loud.
I am now the old man who walks and mumbles.

Wow.. that didn't take long... not long at all.

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