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The Classic Winchester Collection is Complete!

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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I have at long last fulfilled a childhood dream of having a complete collection of the entire classic Winchester line.  (Pre-1900 designs)  Originals where I could, replicas where I had to.  I am now the proud owner of...


1860 Henry, Uberti .44-40

1866, Uberti carbine .44-40

1866, Uberti rifle .45 Colt

1866, Uberti rifle .22 Long Rifle*

1873, Winchester .32-20

1876, Uberti .45-60

1886, Winchester .45-70

1887, Winchester 12 Gauge

1887, Chiappa 12 Gauge, Terminator Model

1892, Winchester carbine .32-20

1892, Winchester short rifle .44 Magnum with large loop.  (Obviously modified)

1892, Armi San Marco rifle .45 Colt

1892 Rossi carbine .44 Magnum (Pre-Safety model)

1892 Chiappa Mare's Leg .44 Magnum

1893 Winchester 12 Gauge

93/97 Norinco 12 Gauge

1894 Winchester .30-30  (Sears Ted Williams model)

1894 Winchester .32 Winchester Special

1895 Winchester .30-40

1897 Winchester 12 Gauge

1897 Winchester 12 Gauge

1897 Norinco 12 Gauge (Trench Gun Model)


And that completes the collection.


I suppose a Winchester 1901 and a Model 88 could be considered wild card additions, but I dunno.

I also have 2 9422, one in .22 Magnum and one in .22 LR.


* When I was in the market for this gun, I found it, and an Uberti replica 73 in .22.  The prices were within $100 of each other, and I preferred the 73.  I even considered getting both of them.   Anyway, I got the '66 because the fellow selling the '73 put on a bunch of unreasonable conditions on the sale that I didn't want to deal with.   The '73 replica seems to be a fairly accurate reproduction of the original Winchester .22's.   The '66 is not all that different from the '73 replica.  In fact, you might even say it's more like a .22 Henry/73 hybrid.   

So anyway, I have a complete Winchester collection.  Something I always wanted.  If I hadn't tried a Lightning a few years ago, they'd probably get a lot more use.  :)

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I too just completed mine as well:

Navy Arms 1860 

Winchester Moriku 1866 

Winchester Moriku 1873 

Winchester 1876 

Winchester Moriku 1886

Browning 92 Carbine

Winchester Moriku 92 Rifle

Winchester 92 JW Commemorative 

Winchester 94 pre 64 

Winchester 94 JW Commemorative 

Winchester 95 .30-40

Just got the 1895!  
Plan on getting the 1876 and 1895 restored with Turnbull. 

the rest of my Winchester collection is:

Winchester 1887 (another future restoration) 

Winchester 1897

Winchester 1917 

Winchester M1 Garand 

Winchester M1 Carbine like my Dad had in the Korean War (still need to get a Colt 1911 military issue, his sidearm)

Winchester M70


and if I can “bogart” my son’s 9422 I got him, that completes mine. 

Fantasy levers to come: 

92 in .44 mag, 24” barrel(preferably octagon), blued to get brass plated and turned into a Hollywood Henry that looks the same as the one John Wayne has in the Commancheros movie 


a Winchester 92 with a “D” lever set up like the “Rifleman”


a Mares Leg, set up like the first version Josh Randall used, Nate Kiowa Jones did one and I want one like it!


That’s it for right now, as funds come available. But you never know, wouldn’t mind replacing the 1873 with an original and get it done by Turnbull too. 

I have some Colts, a Buntline and wouldn’t mind a .45 made like Gene Barry’s in Bat Masterson’s and finally a 1875 Remington like Frank James (preferably original) as my great grandfather got kidnapped by his gang, taken to their hideout and took a bullet out of Frank!  


Ok now you got mine, how about the rest of you?  


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22 minutes ago, watab kid said:

those are impressive lists , 

But are missing the 1885, either High Wall or Low Wall version! :ph34r:

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My Winchesters/reproductions.

cimarron/uberti 1866 carbine 20”

cimarron/uberti 1873 deluxe 44-40 24” barrel. 

Winchester 1886 made in 1888 that was originally in 38-56wcf but was converted to 45-70

Custom c sharps reproduction of a winchester 1885 single shot(highwall)

original winchester 1890 pump gallery gun in 22 short. 
chiappa winchester 1887 reproduction  12 gauge. Long barrel with screw in chokes. 
used to have a model 12


edit: have a june 1944 winchester m1 garand i forgot about also. 


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I have a similar affliction only mine is with early Marlin 22s. For my list of desire to be complete I need a model 47 which is rarely found for sale. I had a chance to get one a couple of years ago for I think around 3000 but by the time I got the funds it was gone. 


My first Marlin 22 was a model 60. Loved that rifle. It got me started. Anyway 2 years ago I gave it to a local farmers 10 year old son who wanted to learn to shoot and hunt. I missed it terribly. Then last year my little brother came to visit. He brought with him the deluxe model 60 with the fancy stock he inherited from my uncle. He gave it to me. Yee Haw


talk about karma!

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Sorry guys with regards to a lever action rifle, I wasn’t considering a single shot, lever action in the same group, but yes I could add it, but I would rather a Sharps instead. 
the military group is another and for the shotguns, I forgot to add the M12 in 16ga. I consider a lever action rifle in my group as being multi shot. 

I still will focus on the Rifleman D 92 and the Commancheros 92.  

no one mentioned the M71, I think that is a variation of one of the previous ones. 

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19 hours ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:

Congratulations!  You really need a '73 in 44-40 though. :)


Well...   There is one other thing I'd like to have.

I'd like to have a 16" barrel 73 with the pistol grip stock.   But it seems that the 16" barrel is only available in the carbine with a straight stock.  The pistol grip is only available on guns longer barrels.

So, what I might do is get 2 guns, a straight stock 16" and and pistol grip stock with a whatever length.  Then I'll just have a gunsmith swap the barrels.   That way I'll have 2 73's in .44-40, if I choose that caliber. 

Then I'll cut off the shoulder stock behind the pistol grip, (making sure the overall length of the gun is still at least 26") put on a John Wayne style big loop lever, and viola!  I'll have a 16" '73 Buntline Mares Leg.   That'll be cool.   I figure between adding up all my spare change and some gift certificates at Cabela's, I can get at least 1 of the rifles now, and maybe the other one in a year or so for "free."  

I never spend my change.   I put it in a can.   When the can is full, I cash it in.  It usually adds up to about $1200.00!  If I just keep waiting and start a second can, well, that'll be just more free money.

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Not sure anyone will remember the TV series, “The Magnificent Seven”, and Vin, had a ‘73 Mare’s Leg, that he shot, why I don’t know, as the idea were “pistol” gunfighters. It was on Saturday nights, lasted 2 seasons, wish it had lasted longer.  

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5 hours ago, Cheatin Charlie said:

Saw an 1893 Winchester 12 ga at a gun show last year for sale.  It caught my eye because of the price tag.  I thought that is a lot of money for a 97 shotgun.


My 93 had a hefty price of $280.  The tag said, "Black Powder, 2-1/2" shells only."

For that price, no way I was gonna pass it up.  :)

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2 hours ago, JackSlade said:

The last lever action I want is a 1873 trapper in 357, but in the antique finish. I never see any go up on GunBroker.


Gunsinternation.com is another good place.  So is Cabela's Gun Library.

Other than that, just a plethora of medium and big LGS's scattered throughout the country that you happen to be aware of.  :)

Good luck.

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Impressive list no doubt, but lacking an 1895 "Big medicine"!

Just my 2cents worth.


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On 10/7/2022 at 10:23 PM, Hampton Bogs said:

Great collection but if you’re talking pre 1900 as classic you’re missing an 1885 high wall and low wall. Also the model 1890 pump 22 which was the first of many pump .22’s later. 

I have that .22 and I ain't sellin" it!

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