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Corruption at the Colorado Springs Police Department

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As you know, I took an early retirement from the Colorado Springs Police Department back in 2016.  This article is exposing *SOME* of the corruption there.  Reason #8,879,263 why I left that deplorable place and found a much greener pasture:




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that reads like there are a lot of issues , i see why you made your choices , put it behind you let the law settle/sort it out , these kind of things have always gone on , it seems there are always those that will play along and those that move on , i think there are a lot of twin cities officers that are doing the same these days , 

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Wow! And I thought working for LA County was bad. Transit, not Police. Well, actually, it is like Colorado Springs PD only without guns and fast cars. ;)

I don’t miss that place either. 

Congrats on your exit, @Cyrus Cassidy #45437


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4 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

How long were you with this dept before you saw this first hand?



I started hearing rumors right away, but I never saw anything until I was a few years into it.  By that time, I was a midnight shift street cop with a bachelor's degree in history, and it was too late to transfer back to the active duty army (I went reserves to make the career change). 


It was a long, drawn-out exit plan.  I had a family relying on me and no other job prospects.  I earned a masters degree and volunteered for lots of active duty time, even a few deployments.  Eventually I had a VERY competitive resume and landed the job I'm in now.  CSPD will begin paying me a pension after I turn 50.

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I'm glad that you got out while you could still get out with your skin. I've known people in similar situations, one LEO and others, that weren't so lucky. I won't explain, so don't ask, they walked and only look back to see if they are being followed (literally and figuratively).


Thank You for your service.



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Companies and organizations left and right are starting to strongly discourage inter-office relationships. My own company had us all complete employee sensitivity training recently, and among other things they were pretty loud and clear about the fact that relationships can lead to favoritism, revenge, discrimination, and all other manner of toxicity in the work environment. It's becoming a liability in today's "woke" society, which means pretty soon nobody will be allowed to flirt with anybody except on their own time and with people outside of their work domain.


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