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A few pics from my perambulation today. Colt change in this environment if fairly sublet. We don’t get the vibrant reds like New England and other areas. Buy the sky is always nicely blue. I did see a nice corn snake but he was too fast. :)





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its that time of year when we seem to get intrigued by the colors in nature - our leaves are beginning to turn , in the next month folks will migrate from the cities to spend a wekend admiring - ill be cleaning up what drops in the lawn , but i do enjoy this time of year 

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Fall color is showing at last. 

It comes too slow, passes too fast and waits too long to return. 


 IMO the best season.  


--- Almost poetic --  Utah Bob, where are you, that's your que?

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15 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

Nice lookin' wildflowers, is the first one a succulent?

Alpine Daisy

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7 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Meanwhile, in NH.




Looks like the Kanc

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