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Does anyone sell a slicked up Stoeger shotgun?

Lone Rider SASS#32091

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Be aware that the SASS type slicking up of a Stoeger is normally considered by Stoeger to void any new-gun warranty.  


Good luck, GJ

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Any shotgun that is slicked up for SASS will have the warrantee voided.  Or, you can put it over your knee to get it open.

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I have a beautiful 2 trigger Nickle .

Slicked by Joe West(I think I'm remembering the name right)

Ready to shoot

Recoil pad.

Cylinders honed.

Auto safety disabled.

I shot it at 2 matches and put it in the safe

Let me know, if I don't reply quickly here shoot me a email @ stiles531@gmail.com 

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Howdy Stoegeristas,


As a point of interest, I got a cheap, stock double trigger Stoeger a while ago. When I finally got around to cutting the opening lever coil spring, I found that I had created a single shot Stoeger. It started to pop open when the first barrel fired. Conventional wisdom was that I had lightened the spring too much, but I knew that I hadn't so I investigated. It looked like the locking bolt was not sliding fully into the notches of the barrel lugs. I relieved (filed) the upper, none bearing surface of the forward lug which looked as though it was a little tight and was holding the sliding bolt from moving fully forward.


The result was that my shotgun is again firing both barrels. I know that lightening the opening coil too much can create a problem, but if one has only reduced the spring a little and the problem arrises, consider making sure that the locking bolt is free to slide fully into the barrel lug. Note: I only worked on the none bearing surface of the lugs. Messing with the bearing surfaces should only be done by a qualified (by whom?) gunsmith. 


I hope this helps someone,


Rev. Chase

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