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Russian Army Trivia

Sedalia Dave

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Howdy Pards


Appreciate a bit of humor on an otherwise grim subject.


On a more serious note I take heart in the determined resistance put up by the Ukrainians. Stout lads and with good reason: their country has been subjected to an unprovoked aggression. Big difference between the invaders of a non-aggressive country and those that defend against the aggressor. Not hard to tell which has the moral edge and the psychological stamina.


In addition,  I am not without sympathy for the individual Russian troops.  From many reports, they were deceived about their mission, are poorly or inadequately trained, have abysmal leadership from C-in-C all the way down to platoon and squad level, and are severely lacking in logistical support. Did Putin know his Armed Forces were so desperately unprepared? Or that the Ukrainians would put up such a determined, effective resistance?


And who would have thot the Russian steamroller would turn out to be a paper tiger? Wasn’t it their grandfathers and great-grandfathers that hurled the advancing Nazis from the gates of Moscow all the way back to Berlin?


Sadly, the aggressor is larger in size and manpower and has substantial economic resources. Might we hope they’ll eventually tire of the effort, declare a great victory, and return to their own boundaries?


Keep on the sunny side 




Fort Reno Kid 







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