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email I received - Complimentary NRA Memberships for U.S. Armed Forces personnel

Charlie T Waite

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Dear Michael,


No one does more to serve freedom’s cause than those in the U.S. military. But too often, these brave volunteers don’t receive the recognition they deserve.


That’s why – to acknowledge their tremendous sacrifice in defense of freedom – NRA is now providing free-of-charge NRA memberships to our nation’s active-duty service personnel.


If you have a loved one or friend now serving on active duty who might like to receive a free membership, with full benefits, please invite them to visit our special website at NRA.org/ActiveDuty and sign up.


Please understand, we have a limited number of these memberships available and this site may shut down from time to time until we replenish the funds needed for this effort.


Thank you for helping bring more of America’s most outstanding patriots into our NRA membership family. We’re grateful every day for their service, and we’re grateful for your help in reaching our nation’s active-duty service personnel with this offer.




Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President





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Got it too!  Good for them!!

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