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Virginia: Surry Co. Considering Gun Ban Again

Charlie T Waite

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At their September 1st meeting, the Surry County Board of Supervisors issued a notice that there will be a public hearing to consider an ordinance to ban firearms in certain public places at the October 6th meeting. They previously considered such a gun ban back in 2021.

Please click the “Take Action” button or click here to contact the Board of Supervisors.


The proposed Section 20-67 prohibits firearms, ammunition, and components in public buildings, public parks, and on public streets and sidewalks where, or adjacent to where, certain events are occurring. There are no exemptions for storage in vehicles or for concealed handgun permit holders. This prohibition applies to both permitted events and events that “would otherwise require a County permit,” making it extremely difficult for law-abiding citizens to determine which areas might be, or might become, “gun-free zones.” Individuals who live in an area where an event is occurring may not enter or leave their own property with a firearm. Because this ban includes “components,” citizens may find themselves in legal trouble for accidentally entering one of these vague “gun-free zones” with something as simple as a shell casing forgotten in a pocket or accidentally left in a vehicle.

Again, please contact the Board of Supervisors and ask them to OPPOSE the proposed Section 20-67.

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