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GOA Working to Destroy the ATF Registry

Charlie T Waite

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The ATF’s “Ghost Gun” and Gun Registry Final Rule just went into effect.

This tyrannical new rule not only restricts homemade firearms, but it also turns the ATF’s partial billion-record gun registry into a COMPLETE federal registry.

While GOA will continue to fight this unconstitutional rule in the courts, we will also be fighting for its demise on every front.

That’s why GOA needs YOUR help urging the House and Senate to pass legislation to destroy the ATF’s gun registry.

H.R. 6945 is a bill that was introduced in the House to immediately STOP the ATF’s illegal, backdoor gun registry. We need your help getting Representatives to co-sponsor it.

While there is currently no similar bill in the Senate, your letter today will light a fire under Senators’ feet to get them working on a companion bill to H.R. 6945 immediately.

Please add your name to our pre-written letters to both the House and Senate urging them to take action to DESTROY the ATF’s illegal gun registry.


While many were talking about the ATF’s rule that restricts homemade firearms, GOA was also calling attention to the rule’s most pernicious component: the secret establishment of a complete federal firearms registry.

In fact, Guns.com recently gave GOA credit for highlighting the “quietest part of the new rule” intentionally hidden by the Biden-Harris Administration’s ATF.

The Biden-Harris Administration knows that this new rule would be deeply unpopular if Americans learned what it entails.

That’s why they had to conjure up a scary-sounding term like “Ghost Guns” and then completely bury the federal registry component.

But with your help today, pro-gun members of the House and Senate will call national attention to this unconstitutional rule and order the immediate destruction of the complete federal registry that is ALREADY being assembled now that the rule is officially in effect.

Without action by Congress, this illegal ATF registry could be used for mass gun confiscation by the Biden-Harris Administration or potentially one day even our nation’s enemies.

We’ve already seen ATF agents show up at an innocent man’s home in Delaware demanding information on his firearms – apparently without a warrant.

…And I don’t have to remind you of the recent rise in corruption among other federal agencies like the FBI.

This cannot wait. Congress MUST act immediately.

So please, add your name to our pre-written letters to both the House and Senate urging them to take action to DESTROY the ATF’s illegal gun registry.


P.S. GOA’s team has put together a report on the ATF’s illegal new registry, which we encourage you to read: https://forms.gunowners.org/form/atf-s-illegal-gun-registry

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