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California question: possession of firearms by minors

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I have a narrow question, that has arisen on another board which is sort of an international collection of geezers interested in traditional outdoorsmanship. The issue is a discussion of the recent California law (now under challenge) forbidding promotion of shooting and firearms to minors.


I think from a quick and non-authoritative check that in Cal, minors may possess long guns, though they may not purchase them. From which I assume they can get them by gift or loan from grandparents, parents, and such. I believe they can hunt, too. 


Am I right; in other words are possession and use of firearms by minors, at least of long guns, lawful there?

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Yes - you have the general gist correct. Neither California nor Federal law prohibit the possession of a long gun by a minor (excluding "assault weapons" & .50 BMG), but it is illegal "to give possession" to a minor without the parent's express consent.

Minors may have title to, but not possess, handguns (e.g. bequest). Temporary possession of a handgun is allowed (e.g. ranching, farming, hunting) if in possession of written consent of parent - 18 U.S.C. §§ 922(x)(3)

Best resource for a layman's summary is C.D. Michel's "California Gun Laws", pages 66-68.

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47 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

Does handing it over constitute cause for 'transfer' and require BG check?


"Handing it over" as in to take permanent possession?
Or "Handing it over" as in, "Here, use this today?"

In the first case, yes, in the second, no.

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