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Wanted Dead or Alive

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Okay, we've all vented about Josh Randall's "mare's leg" iron, but I've been watching the old series and found out that is an amazing gun:


1.  you can fan it like a sixgun.  


2.  can work the lever four time before you get into a gun fight and still have eleven rounds left.


3. you can leave it behind when you have to and it will find you. 


4. You can aim it up lie a howitzer and still him someone twenty yards away.


One of John Moses Browning's greatest unsung weapons.

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25 minutes ago, Tell Sackett SASS 18436 said:

I stopped watching Wanted: Dead or Alive after seeing Josh cut a rope with that thing at around 50 to 100 yards- from the hip!!

If I want FANTASY I'll watch Ray Harryhausen!

In fairness, it was a tv program.

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It should be just as easy to be more authentic, than unauthentic, in western props, on t.v., and in the movies. 

Like as not, they used what they had available, from the movie prop department, and figured no one would notice or care.

I noticed, and I care, but I am just one, and I have no influence. 


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All they had to do is have Josh carry .44-40 cartridges on his belt but probably some whack director wanted BIG cartridges on his belt for effect! No one paid attention back then like we do now!:wacko:

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When I was a kid I remember watching reruns of Wanted: Dead or Alive. I was born in ‘61. 
I recall my Dad and his friend Virgil discussing the “big cartridges in the belt versus the little ‘shells’ that were ejected.” They chalked it up to “Hollywood”.


In 2013 when I moved to Oregon there was a Chiappa Mare’s Leg in a gun store called Wild Bill’s. It came with a nice “holster” rig. The price was $1200 and change, if I remember correctly. It was chambered in .357 magnum. 
It was tempting but completely impractical, especially after the salesman let me handle it snd cock it. It would be a fun gun to have to play with and maybe use in SASS on one of those days where you’ve blown your first stage and just want to have fun…or just for fun, regardless. :D


I may get me a Henry .22 Mare’s Leg one day, if I ever come across one. 


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On 8/10/2022 at 6:13 PM, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Haven't seen that yet.  I'll keep watching.

Also, watch to see if he ever rotates it 90 degrees and shoots it "gangsta" style.....I'll wait for your report.

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