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Revolver Ammo showed up

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I hit Bass about once a week checking the ammo shelves. Gives me something to do now and then. Apart from occassional .38spl I was seeing nothing, and hadn't for a couple years almost, and have lamented it here from time to time. 


Yesterday they had .44 mag and .45 Colt. A few boxes of the .44; a big pile of the .45. So this was good news...maybe the pipeline for revolver ammo is beginning to fill.


Ah, but the prices. $54.99 for the .44 mag. But .44 mag hasn't been cheap for years. But what little mind I have left was blown by the $69.99 for the .45 Colt. Couldn't believe it. American Eagle.

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It will have  trickle down effect for Cabelas stores to  get it Bass Pro leaves them last from what I see and hear.  the Scheels here has been getting 45 Colt regularly but at $59.99 

  Local Stores well we get first shot for Black Hills ammo bought 400 rounds last time and I wont make you cry on the price but lower than the $ 59.99
But just upgraded here to a Dillon 750 and getting everything ready for that 

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Our shops here have tons of ammo, the local place with reloading has shelves of powder and even primers-95 bucks a box, but they have them

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