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Intriguing Clouds at the Beach

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Between a 1 and 5 I give that a “Wow”!


That’s a nice photo Loophole. I have seen similar cloud formations and it didn’t bode well for a nice day. Strange that it’s not coming from the east though, in that case. 



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Just a regular ol' wall or shelf cloud  cloud. The difference is wall clouds seem to grow vertically and shelf clouds show horizontal spin.  If it spins horizontally you are in for some wild weather, heavy winds, rain and a tornado could drop out of the thing..

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Wall cloud. When you see that coming in Florida, it's time to go inside. Had one like that come in while sailing. No time to make shore, tried to outrun it but the wind was coming from the wrong direction for speed. In hindsight, should have heavily reefed the sails or taken them down completely. As it was, it knocked us down which probably wasn't a bad thing considering the amount of lightning coming out of that storm.

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