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Cactus anyone?

Chili Ron

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I am in the Northern Illinois area.

I was given some cactus plant starters.


After a few years a brilliant yellow flower bloomed.

The next year a couple more bloomed.

This year 24 fire yellow roses bloomed.


If you are in this area and have a spot where you can plant cactus I would be

happy to share starts and getting started instructions.

These cactus have to have about a half a day of full sun.

They do not need to be taken in or covered winter.

And yes the thorns are painful sharp. Handle with care.




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12 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Where can I get cacti (is that the proper plural?)


Oh, wait.  This is Arizona.  They'r everywhere.


I wanted a Scottish thistle, but was told they are considered a weed, and illegal here.

They are an invasive species and quickly take over rangeland. I used to have a horse that was raised on the Navajo Rez that loved to eat thistles. He would pull his lips back and start chomping. I may have some thistles on our place. When I remember, I will take photos and see if that's what you're looking for.

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