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Disability Scooter Gun Cart

Yul Lose

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I’ve shot with this lady shooter and her family since I’ve been in CAS and her back is not in good shape. She uses a scooter to get around at matches and at the Cal State match she saw a gun cart that I built that mounts on a Tzora Titan disability scooter and asked me about it and said she was thinking about getting one of the scooters. Well I told her that if she got one of those scooters that I’d build her a gun cart for it and this is what I came up with.


The lumber is figured maple with a early American stain and lacquer finish. Instead of dovetail joinery to hold the cabinet and chest together I used finger or box joints and sliding dovetail joints for tray dividers. Mortise and tenon joinery was used where needed. The cart is very easy to remove and reinstall from the scooter. I modify the basket bracket to attach the cabinet to and I also have a bracket fabricated that fits on the so called wheelie bar that keeps the cart from tipping backwards on steep hills. She uses a little folding stool to sit on while she’s doing scoring, counting , etc.. and I built mounts to easily attach the stool to the cart. Her husband and her will share the cart and I installed holsters to hold their revolvers. The cart will hold four long guns. The bungie cord is used to hold the guns in the cart and is easily removed and reinstalled when guns are needed or put away. There is a shotgun shell well that holds 2 boxes of shells and the lift out tray will hold 4 boxes of pistol/rifle ammo and underneath the trays there is more room for ammo, shells and other match essentials.


Mounting the cart on the scooter probably takes about 20 seconds total and it’s very secure. You’ll notice that under the chest and behind the cabinet is a soft sided ice chest. The rifle brass on the chest handle mounts is to hang empty brass bags and such.










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Me thinks you just doubled the value of the scooter. 


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You never cease to amaze Yul. Another beautiful piece.

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Thank you everyone. Misty Rose picked up her gun cart today and she was pretty jazzed. She’ll be using it up at the Western Regional next week. Another reason I built the cart for her is that she makes potato salad just like my wife does and whenever the club has a bbq or potluck she saves me some potato salad because being the cook by the time I get inside to eat, her potato salad is usually gone. She’s been doing that for the last 10 years or so so I figured it was time to pay her back.

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Spectacular work, Yul.  AGAIN!  

To do work that nice, you have to understand what constitutes good workmanship and never compromise.   


I'll be at Chorro next week.  Hope to see your work, and hopefully finally meet you.  


Travel safely!

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