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Eldorado NV State Championship Soon

Hells Comin

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Looking forward to another great match September 30th-October 2nd. Beaver and crew put on a first class match if you  haven't been this the one you Don't want to miss. 30 minutes minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Lots of things to do other than Shooting. 


 Hells Comin

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3 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:

You forgot to mention the best part of all, they'll get to meet ME!!! :D

Ok; one last time...

The whole purpose of these posts are to ENCOURAGE folks to attend the match.


Not discourage - ENCOURAGE.

You seem insistent (every year) of providing folks a perfectly good reason to stay home.


Im not suggesting you stay away; but dang - just surprise folks when they get there AFTER Beaver and crew have deposited the checks.  :D


As many know - Eldorado was my baby for a lot of years (along with Charming, JD Nevada, Boxherder and even Shooting Bulls previous incarnation - Philly Slim).


I could not be prouder of the caretakers of Eldorado presently and could not be more excited for the events future. 

Beaver, Dookie, Lady Glitter, Mojave Rose, Runamuck Kate, Sin City Double R and High Road are all fantastic members of our board :wub: and while they all have fantastic vision for the future - they are all highly respectful to honoring the Eldorado heritage as well.


So I have to agree with Hells Coming - put this one on your list as it will be a good one.


And if you are careful - dont make any sudden movements, loud noises or carry unwrapped treats in your pockets - you may have a fair chance of avoiding Shooting Bull.  :blink:

If you seek him out - well then thats on you.



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13 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

carry unwrapped treats in your pockets




Did somebody say unwrapped treats?!?!? :wub:

21 minutes ago, Rustler, SASS #33316 said:


Can I get a refund.... ;)



Tell me again which category you're in. :ph34r:

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8 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:

Tell me again which category you're in. :ph34r:

Ooooo - that's devious - discourage attendance and move yourself up the score sheet.

I thought you were just being overly gregarious (that means too friendly {just so you don't have to look it up :P}) - but now I have to consider the possibility your Mongo persona was all an act and instead you are some sort of evil genius.


Hmmm - this puts everything into a new light.

Up is down - water is dry - The Matrix is imploding upon us; do we choose the Red Blue or Blue Pill?

(NO!  Do not choose the little blue pill - no one wants you hugging on them after that)  :blink:

Nah, I simply cannot accept the genius possibility...


In case anyone takes me seriously - I love Shooting Bull dearly.

He is one of only three of four shooters in this game that I would dare talk about this way and know he will take it as intended.


Come to Eldorado and meet one of the best guys in our game.



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16 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:



Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! I want to meet him.  Who is he??? :o  


15 hours ago, Hells Comin said:


Nope.  It aint Creeker.

I know that guy really well - he is an opinionated jerk.

And he is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is. B)

Edited by Creeker, SASS #43022
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