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Brookfield CAS! Thursday July 28, 2022. Thank you!

Slow Mo Dern

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Brookfield CAS!  Thursday July 28, 2022



     Thank you for joining the Shenango River Rats at the Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS match.  Another good match went down in history and another match was had without getting rained out!  

     Loquacious Loner won the match fair and square and won an additional pretty brown ribbon to take home along with his Blue First Place Match Winner ribbon!
     Congratulations, Loquacious Loner! 

     Johnny Rails won second place followed by Yippy Yiyo Ki Yay!


     Clean shooters were Hagen and the Brunswick Kid.

     Congratulations to all our winners and contestants!

     Our next match will be on Saturday August 13, 2022.
     We hope to see you there.

     Visitors and spectators are always welcome.  Adequate eye protection and hearing protection is required.  

     A sense of humor is handy but not required.  An adequate and functional three-pound cranial organ is also handy and IS required.  

     Come out and have some fun!   :P  :lol:

     Slow Mo Dern and the Shenango River Rats.   

     Thank you for your continued support!

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Thank you for those kind words, Johnny Rails!

I appreciate it!


Tell Ripley Rose to come with you next time!

It's a Work Shirker!  :lol:  :P  

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