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I'll Show Her!

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4 hours ago, Dawg Hair, SASS #29557 said:

Don't you ever get tired of sleeping on the living room couch?


It's quite comfortable.  Where else should I sleep? 

3 hours ago, Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663 said:

Joe it is obvious you are still a work in progress.  :P


Aren't we all?

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Reminds me of a conversation with the Former Missus Hardpan:


Her - "You don't do enough around the house!"


Me - "Huh?  Waitaminnit... In addition to classroom volunteering, being on multiple school committees, the kid's baseball coach and Cub Scout 'Den Mother,' I do all the yard work, all the grounds maintenance on our 2 1/2 acres, I do all the upkeep on the vehicles, I do all the 'Honeydo' projects [they were many!], I pick up the place when I get home from work, I start the dinner, I take the kid to school and pick him up, I do his laundry and my own [and lots more!]... Heck, I just hand-built you a 4,000 brick patio with lighting and fountain!*"  


Her - "Well, you don't do MY laundry!"


Me - "Uh... you don't like the way I do laundry"  [I believed in starch and ironing]


Her - "Well, you don't vacuum enough!"


Finally, with exasperation, I pointed out:


Me - "But good grief... you have a HOUSEKEEPER!"


Her - "Well, I wouldn't HAVE to have a housekeeper if you did more, including more vacuuming!"


Did I mention that she's the FORMER Missus Hardpan?  :rolleyes:


(By the way ~ her becoming the former Missus Hardpan was her idea... I evidently didn't do enough around the house)  :lol:


*The Patio  :)

  image.jpeg.b0d519eae41fa3cd50ba6fc7ce0f6128.jpeg       image.thumb.jpeg.8a0cd32ade50154b9eceeaa41b9fb3b7.jpeg

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