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Brookfield CAS in Masury, Ohio! Thursday July 28, 2022

Slow Mo Dern

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Brookfield CAS in Masury, Ohio!  Thursday July 28, 2022



     Come join the Shenango River Rats on Thursday July 28, 2022 for another shootout down in the woods!

It’s another Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS match where a good time is usually had by all and all usually have a good time! Yep!

Five fun-filled stages of Old West merriment and jollification!

Coffee and donuts in the morning!   Tons of fun at last year’s prices!

Gates and doors open at 9:00 am.   Lead down range at 10:00 am after the safety meeting and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

No lunch is scheduled so bring some snacks in case you get hongry!

Spectators and visitors are always welcome.  Bring adequate safety glasses and hearing protection.  

Bring plenty of shotgun shells and extra ammunition for reloads or bonuses! 

If you need to use .22 caliber ammo; it would be all right.

That’s Thursday July 28, 2022!

The website for the Brookfield Conservation Club is running again:


I hope to see you there.
Slow Mo Dern

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BTT   :FlagAm:

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This just in!


Good news for Brookfield!


Walks Far is bringing a big pot of his famous Sausage and Beans to the Thursday Work Shirker match.


This might be an old Viking family recipe, I'm not shore...


That's this Thorsday at the verk-shirker match!  Yah!  


Sounds like a feast to me!  

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Weather report:


It might rain or it might not rain...


Right now, we're going with "no rain."


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.   :lol:  

and keeping my eyes on the Brunswick Kid's weather app!


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