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Loading ROA Cylinder

joachim slim

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I have 2 from Powder Inc.

Used the one for 20+ years.

Never really need the second one, but I keep it anyway as a back up "Just in case...."



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1 hour ago, Knucky McPolack said:

I use one of these extension handles from Slix and load in the frame. 



I use a handle made from a file handle, just drilled it out a tad. Most of the time though I just put on a padded fingerless glove.

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If you decide to load on the gun with an ROA, ensure that you have the base pin lock engaged.  I was instructed by my mentor that if you don’t, then you run the risk of bending the base pin.  Good luck finding a base pin.  

I load off the gun for that reason.  Added bonus: allows me to check the nipples are clear and that I can wipe them off between stages.


Clearly up to you and your preference.  

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