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For Anyone Who Wants To Read It For Themselves - S.2938 - Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

Charlie T Waite

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This @&*#! is what was signed into law this morning because of apathy & knee jerk reactions to make certain people feel good.  I Know how the Government works, I read nothing in here that would have stopped any of the knee jerk crimes this was written for. 




Also, I know personally from setting on the bench that the criminals do not care about the laws they break until they get caught so this will not stop one of them.  Here is a simple law they could pass that would work - "All law enforcement agencies local, state and federal shall enforce all existing state & federal firearms laws.  All district, prosecuting attorneys whether city, state or federal shall prosecute said defendants to the fullest extent of the law.  Any Judge having jurisdiction over such adjudications must follow sentencing guidelines.  Any official, politician or other person attempting to thwart, impede, influence or otherwise hinder or stop said enforcement in any manner shall be considered to be facilitating the violation of said firearm laws an subject to immediate arrest and prosecution regardless of office or position held.

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Sorry, I edited this & got on my soap box.



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I just read the .gov transcript of the Great Confuser and took note of the "much more work to do" comment.

It's always the law abiding gun owner that "compromises", never the ones who wish to deny our rights.

They take and they take. The proverbial death of a thousand cuts.


Now we're on to the next cut.....

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