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Terror on the Prairie

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A new western movie was released yesterday on the Daily Wire.  I am a recent subscriber, in part because I knew this movie was coming soon and the previews looked good.  While I respect what they are doing at the Daily Wire with their movie making projects, this one was a let down.  If you are on the fence about subscribing so you can see this movie, in my opinion it isn't worth it.  The story was pretty weak but the actions of the bad guys and good guys in this movie are just silly and unrealistic.  The casting wasn't great, the lighting was poor, it just wasn't enjoyable to me at all.  I know life on the prairie was difficult and the first 15 minutes of this movie does demonstrate that very well.  It was a rough life. 


Anyway...there's my review in a nutshell...thumbs down from me.

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Hyped? Never heard of it. Or the Daily Wire either.

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I thought the daily wire was a British newspaper. That repeated themselves constantly so is to make their stories look longer.

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From what I gather, the Daily Wire (and other new media orgs like them) are trying to create a new platform for an alternative to ultra woke Hollywood.  I really commend them for what they are trying to accomplish.  I am sure the budgets are tight - but they are getting some accomplished directors and writers that are fed up with what is happening to current American culture.


I think when comparing what they produce to the big budget anti-American corporate sponsored productions, we need to keep in mind that this is the very beginning of a grass roots movement of creators looking to bring sanity back to what our families can watch.  I applaud them for the effort and will not judge them for not having the best production value just yet.



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