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Gun Rights Group Credits Biden, Schumer with Spike in Gun Sales

Charlie T Waite

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A national gun rights organization Joe Biden and Capitol Hill Democrats for igniting gun sales with what they are calling divisive rhetoric and pronouncements about pushing stricter gun control laws in the aftermath of the Robb Elementary attach that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

According to the , “Sturm, Ruger & Company, the largest publicly traded gunmaker in the US by market cap, soared 5.47 per cent… Smith & Wesson saw a eight per cent leap to $15.02 a share and ammunition maker Vista Outdoor surged 9 per cent to $38.24.”

The Second Amendment Foundation, a gun rights education and litigation group, this rhetoric is the reason why “more people are rushing to gun shops.”

“Whether he likes it or not, Joe Biden is largely responsible for this,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb in a prepared statement. “When he went on national television to provide comfort to a grieving nation, and instead launched a tirade against law-abiding firearm owners and gun manufacturers, he only further divided the country and used the bully pulpit of the presidency to foment irrational fear and loathing of businesses and especially people who have absolutely no connection to the crime.”

Moms Demand Action, the gun prohibition lobbying group supported by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is exploiting the Texas murders as a fund raising tool.

“In their bid to spread hysteria and hate,” Gottlieb stated, “Biden and his fellow Democrat gun prohibitionists on Capitol Hill, led by Sen. Charles Schumer, have actually talked more people into buying more guns.”

On Friday, new details have emerged revealing law enforcement did not rush into the school building for almost an hour.

“If Biden and his gun prohibitionist pals are concerned there are too many guns in civilian hands,” Gottlieb suggested, “they should lower their rhetoric and cut back on their attacks on our constitutional rights. The public realizes the importance of the Second Amendment, which guarantees we will have the tools to defend ourselves against the kinds of dangerous lunatics that liberal policies have allowed to roam free.

“There is no small irony in the fact that Biden, Schumer and their anti-gun colleagues are the driving force behind this sudden spike in gun sales,” the veteran gun rights advocate observed. “Joe Biden may go down in history as a better gun salesman than Barack Obama or Bill and Hillary Clinton, and that’s no small accomplishment. Biden may be remembered as the ‘Top Gun’ of retail firearm sales.”

According to Fortune, the jump in share prices for gun companies “is not unusual” after a mass shooting. “Weapons manufacturers’ stock prices typically benefit from shootings, as investors believe fears of impending regulation will lead consumers to rush out to buy arms and ammunition,” the story said.

Earlier this week, SAF and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms issued a joint statement in reaction to the unspeakable attack at Robb Elementary in Uvalde.

“We are all Americans,” Gottlieb stated, “and we all are devastated by the psychopathic actions of an individual who had, it is now emerging, exhibited warning signs that appear to have been ignored. But Americans are not ignoring the warning signs from gun prohibitionists that they are about to accelerate their crusade against the Second Amendment.”

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Better gun salesmen than Odumba$$!!

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