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Concealed carry question

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thats a nice little gun , if i had one id let my wife try it - she tried my colt MKIV ser 80 380 , but decided she liked the finger support on the sig 938 better , so did my daughter so both have that , the colt is a backup these days , 

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Consider that the 380 pistols are almost always a blow-back design.  That makes them have more felt recoil.

Nearly 9 mm have some form of delayed process that helps absorb felt recoil. 


That is why the 380 is so snappy compared to even small 9mm pistols.


I've been very happy with my Taurus GX4 for when I don't worry about covering my Glock 19.


So check out a variety of the great new small 9mms to see what fits your hand best.


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So you want something light, small AND low recoil?


Sorry, you only can get 2 out of the 3, so pick which 2 you want. 


If it's light and small, it's gonna kick.  If it's small and has a low recoil, then it's not gonna be light (weight cuts felt recoil).  If it's light and low recoiling, then it won't be small.

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