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Now that's what you call customer service


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I'm in the grocery store this morning, and I'm about ready to leave, and I decided to check my store app and see if they've got any special running that I wasn't aware of.


Then I go to customer service and show them the picture on my app.




"Is this stuff really free?"


She said she didn't know anything about it, and she looked through the sale flyer and couldn't find it anywhere, and then she looked at their store specials and couldn't find it anywhere. So she calls over the assistant manager and they discuss it. And she asked me if I had one in the buggy, so they can scan it and see how it came up. I told 'em I'd go get one. Actually I got four. If they were free I was going to get several.


And the assistant manager scanned it, and it rang up $2.99. And she tried everything she can think of to get it to come up zero, but it wouldn't do it. So she said you just show the cashier that picture on my app, and tell her that if she had any questions to come speak to her.


I asked her if it was just going to be the one, since I had several. She said she couldn't find anything about a limit, so however many I had that's how much it was going to cost.


So, while undoubtedly somebody screwed up somewhere, I got them four bottles of juice for free.

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We shop at Von’s and Costco for all of our food here and a couple of times there have been errors like this on the Von’s app and they always honor them and side with the customer. Good service. 

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We used to shop Publix exclusively; however, since retirement we have picked up Winn-Dixie as a second source. 

Ann checks their sales flyers which both come in on Wednesdays with ghe Orlando Sentinel.

She clips the items we are going to purchase and staples them in the order in which they appear in the store to make or visit a sort as possible. 

With Winn-Dixie we actually earn money that can be used on later purchases.

Right now we have:


This is money in the bank. 

Publix offers no such deal

Winn-Dixie also has BOGO's as well.

Highly suggest using them if they are in your area and have the same program. 

Customer Service is fantastic as well where they honor any mistakes that are made. 

One trip, they gave us 300 bonus points for us having to go to them to have an issue addressed. 

The people, especially the cashiers, there appear to be much friendlier than at Publix.

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Posted (edited)

I belong to BJs wholesale club. I use their master card to get discounts on gas and other stuff. I don’t shop there much because everything’s in bulk. Too much for one person. 
Anyway I bought $48.00 worth of stuff s and it said you have $10.00 off the total! Sweet!

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When I saw the juice was on sale for zero, I stopped looking at the app. I should have continued. They had some interesting things.


I drink seltzer. They had seltzer on sale.



They also had store brand "sparkling water", which is selzer. Regular $4, on sale for $12. I don't think I would have got any of that. But the corn for free - probably would have got some of that.



I have a water purifier, so I don't buy bottled water. But even so, it seemed that their store brand bottle of water was a little expensive this week.



The same with their tomatoes. Just a bit high.



It's nice to see that the price has gone down from $3 to $5. I wonder how far it will drop next week?

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Consumer Reports would love those

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