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Ever heard of an SKB model 90 double barrel?

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Hmmm maybe it was a typo! Good for you for finding it!  



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I found this on another forum dated Apr 20, 2014;


These may have been covered in earlier posts, but my searches did not find any mention of them. I have a SKB Model 90 sxs, 16 gauge, single selective trigger with the button on the trigger, blued, with light scroll on the receiver. Seller said he purchased from factory rep through a military Rod & Gun club while stationed in Japan. I assume it was a model manufactured only for distribution in Japan (thus the plainer finish than the Model 90). It is a lovely little shotgun, which I hope to enjoy for many years. Towards that end, can anyone tell me if the parts from a Model 100 sxs are going to interchange with my Model 90?


I apologize: the Model 90 is a 12 gauge gun, not a 16 gauge. I am enamoured of 16 gauge side-by-sides and apparently let that influence my memory (which gets worse with each passing year). To partially atone, I offer this only tangentially related tidbit of information: the side profile, from in front of trigger guard back, of a 12 gauge SKB Model 90 is practically identical to that of my 1949 L. C. Smith 16 gauge Featherweight. They also shoulder the same and feel the same in weight despite the wider width of the SKB frame. My bathroom scale indicates that they also weight approximately the same. The SKB was purchased to serve as a duck gun, but I think that task shall now fall to my recently acquired Mossberg pump.



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