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Parker Brothers Shot Gun

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I saw this beauty in a pawn shop. It is in need of some serious TLC.  The pawn shop wanted $8,000.00 for it.



When you have to shoot shoot, don't talk.




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Looks like it's got Damascus barrels...

I've got 2 Parkers.   One is a 19" no choke gun, and the other is a 30" F/F.   Both are sweet, sweet shooters, and I don't think you can get a better SxS.   Prices for a Parker in shootable condition are all over the map.   The 30" one I got is a Trojan, and I got it for less than a 1000 dollars.  It's completely solid and functional, but has no finish left.  I've seen other Parkers in pristine condition, in all grades, for over 20 grand, so you never know.   I recently found a 20 Gauge Trojan for $1700, but things got screwed up for me, and it was sold before I could buy it.  :(



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That is a wishful thinking price, to put it kindly, for the sensitive woke people on-line here. 


Unless you have documentation that it belonged to someone famous, or this configuration is as rare as an honest democrat, then I would let the pawn shop keep wanting $8,000.00 for it.


If this Parker's price was part of a set that included $7,999.99 worth of 19th century mint-state gold, or silver coins, that might be different.  


One can purchase a really great, shootable, Parker, in light-years better condition, than this one, for $2,000.00, or less.



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Posted (edited)

I'd want to consult the reference books but that's hugely over-priced unless it's identifiably rare in some way. I own only one Parker, a 16-gauge field grade I acquired "by accident" at Rock Island Auction Co., about two years ago. I've always been a fan of L.C. Smith shotguns, but I'd never owned one, and there was a nice 16-gauge Smith being offered as an auction lot with the Parker. Both had been refinished at some point by someone who was over-generous with the buffing wheel, and then hot-reblued. Serviceable enough shotguns, but they don't look like much. I got the pair for $650, and figured I could sell the Parker -- until I touched it. It's simply the nicest handling little upland gun I've ever owned. The L.C. Smith, which is nice, is a club by comparison.
But I have $325 in my Parker, not $8000.


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