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Looking for Information on Military Firearms, Can anyone give a Reommendation?

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A few years ago I started to collect Military guns. In 1969 I bought one of the first AR-15s that came available. Then came the CMP M1 Garand. Then the M1 Carbine, then a 1903 A3. Lastly a M1A1.

The question is does anyone know of an organization, company or individual that I can contact about identification and maybe value. I want to sell the guns but have no idea what to ask for them or how to answer any questions that may arise. On Gun Broker and Guns America the prices are all over the place depending on condition and numbers matching and so forth.

Years ago we did have a very knowledgeable dealer that told me that a couple of them were special and to contact him before I sold any of them. Well he passed about a year ago.


Thanks for looking and any help would be appreciated.



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The M1 Garand from the CMP can be all over the place in value. As a member of the GCA I get a magazine every so often about various aspects of the Garand. One of the key points is that any gun that saw action will not be a 100% as it left the assembly line. The GCA magazine has had photos from WWII showing the depots stripping them down and dumping the parts into cleaning barrels to get rid if the mud and blood. Once the parts were clean they went back together with no attempt to put them back as they came apart. These days the CMP allows buyers to buy a bunch at a time. There are buyers that buy a pack of them and then move parts from gun to gun to make them appear they are correct and original, when in reality, they are not. The CMP does occasionally get an un-issued rifle but they go to auction and get a huge amount from collectors. Two years ago I bought one of the Winchester M1 Garands from the CMP and it was less than $1,000. I see them selling at auctions for $1100-$1800. If you feel you have a special one, I recommend finding a true collector and have him go through the gun and inspect every part. Otherwise, assume it is a mix-master.


Beyond that, the online auction houses (RIA, Morphy, Reata Pass) these days seem to be getting more than expected for M1 Garands and early AR-15s. But they take 20% off the top. Is it worth it for the extensive exposure? It seems to be.

Guns America and Gun Broker have become a cesspool of scammers so you really have to watch your step. Many collectors I speak with use Gunsinternational.


There is a guy here in Prescott that deals in nicer collectable guns. He goes by Lumberjack2. He has a great reputation. You might contact him and see what he says.

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Cholla thanx for the info, will check out the resources you listed here.

there is a YouTube channel originating from Westfield IN that seems to have a lot of details about the Garand.

they show how to identify what components you have on and in the gun.


In my case I found out that the receiver is March of 1943, the barrel is March of 1944. It has a machined rather than stamped trigger group, with correct date codes for that vintage. The charge handle is also correct. 
My gun is a Springfield model and all markings are verified with the SA codes.


Thanx again for you help I will contact them with the info I know about the gun and see what they think. I live about an hour from RIA so I may call them and see is they can appraise it without committing to them selling at auction for the 20% you mentioned.

Injun Rider,  thank you also for the link to more information.



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