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SOLD SOLD, Uberti/Beretta Lighting/Gold Rush Pump Rifle in .45 LC

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Actually I am a little confused what this gun is. The box it came in says it is a Beretta “Gold Rush” but the Taylers/Uberti site calls it a “Lightning”.

I tried to do a little research on the gun but get some conflicting information. Guns America says new they are called a Gold Rush and sells for just Under $1,900.00.

Taylors calls it a Lightning and the price is also just under $1,900.00. But I can’t think that I paid anything near that.

I’m going to list it for $1,200.00 and see what happens. If there is anyone out there that knows more about this gun please comment and if necessary I will adjust the price to reflect the common consensus. (I can’t believe that I would ask more)

Hey Lassiter you have any thoughts about this gun?


I also have been informed on a different sale that shipping may be in the area of $70. to $90.  I have never shipped a rifle so it’s all a little new to me.

Thanks for looking












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The Caliber is 45LC

The top of the barrel says... BERETTA CORP. ACKK, MD.

Left side of the barrel it says...MOD. GOLD RUSH CAL. 45LC

Lower tang says... A. Uberti Italy

Top of tank has serial number....G02032

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  • Whiskey Rick, SASS#84292 changed the title to SOLD SOLD, Uberti/Beretta Lighting/Gold Rush Pump Rifle in .45 LC

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