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Your last Western

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Easy!   "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".


My sons and I used to watch that a couple of times a year when they were kids, and we'd make an event out of it - we'd make nachos for dinner, buy a 6-pack of Henry Weinhards root beer, and watch this one on VHS.    The three of us still get together once every couple of years to do this.


So I'd have my sons come over, make nachos, get a 6 pack of root beer, watch this and die happy.

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Part of the reason why I asked this question the way I did was I found a old, worn piece of paper while going through some items in my office.


My father-in-law passed away several years ago. When we were going through his things, we found this piece of paper.


The last several years of his life, he was a dialysis patient. Often, when he was doing his treatments, he would watch a western. A lifelong fan of the genre, there were so many that he knew by heart.


So much so, that he was always trying to find something that he missed in those westerns that he had seen hundreds of times.


One of the things he started doing was, anytime there was a cemetery in shot, he must have been pausing the video and writing down the inscriptions from all the headstones.


It is something that you would never recognize in the film, usually because they went by so quickly. But, and then age of high deaf and with that pause button, my father-in-law went to task of writing them all down.


And a lot of them were pretty cute.


The first time I was asked to write story lines for a major match, I based them all on that piece of paper. There's 10 odd stories that I made up based on the headstone inscription that my father-in-law had written on that piece of paper.


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