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Colt saa problem

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A friend notified me that he got a Colt SAA today that was shipped to him.  It was a brand new , unfired and unturned by me anyway colt.  He says the cylinder freely spins at half cock and the bolt doesn't engage at half cock.  What is the likely fix for that?

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The bolt is not supposed to engage at halfcock. It is supposed to be down in its little hidey hole in the bottom of the frame.


Also the cylinder is supposed to freely spin, as that's how you get the empty chamber to go underneath the loading gate so you can load it.


Unless by "freely spin" you mean it will turn in either direction?

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I bought a new in box Colt SAA that had its hammer zip tied back. Turned out the action was rusted up. But it was a 1996 product. 


Cylinder should turn in clockwise direction when at half cock.  Should hear clicks.  

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He gave further details.  Said a spring broke but he called colt and they will fix it under warranty and go over the entire pistol.  I like good customer service.   Hate to hear a new gun has problems though.

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