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Had a great weekend!

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Didn't want to hijack Perro Del Diablo's thread.

Spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with members of my home club, the Thunder Mountain Shootists, putting on a demonstration of cowboy action shooting for 100 ladies from across the country. Four sessions per day at 1 & 1/2 hour each with a short history of SASS, info on where to find a club, operation of our various firearms and each participant then got to shoot a double tap sweep on 5 pistol, 5 rifle and 4 SG.

What a blast!!!

Across the board the ladies walked away with huge smiles, hugs all around, pictures and videos of their stage and lots of excitement.

This was our second year performing this at the A Girl and A Gun conference and the event organizers were thrilled with the feed back from the ladies as they finished the session. Last year we got back 60 responses, all positive (66% of participants) which we were told was the highest return rate and highest satisfaction rate of all the sessions presented over the week long event. Just a quick plug as well, the event caters to women (obviously) and there are events around the country each year. Further there are chapters in almost all states so if there is a lady in your life who would like to be around women shooters, with lots of women trainers and events geared to a womens point of view this is it!!!

The conference hosted approximately 500 attendees and I would certainly say the organizers provided real value for the ladies. Other sessions included optics, maintenance, field stripping and cleaning, long range (300 yards), trap and skeet shooting as well as instruction by a number of professional trainers. There was even a helicopter flyby and shoot with an AR15 at targets while in flight.

Thank you to Paladin Pete and Gateway Kid for providing ammunition, and all those who allowed the use of their firearms.

Especially thank you to the members who gave up their weekend to share and teach others about our sport.

BTW we had at least seven who were already looking up CAS clubs back in their home state before they even left the venue! :)


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Gateway Kid

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Not sure what to say other than thanks for being a great ambassador for our sport!

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27 minutes ago, DocWard said:

Not sure what to say other than thanks for being a great ambassador for our sport!

It was a real privilege to help out. The happiness and joy on the faces of the participants was something I will never forget. Fun times!!!:)


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Gateway Kid

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