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Widder!! was watching your Henry .22 up-grade video's and got to wondering . . .

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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(since  your aren't receiving messages)


would the twisting of the mag tube for easier loading work on a Henry Big Boy .45 rifle?


we have several cowfolk in TRR using them and thought this might be a great mod for them




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Howdy Cheyenne.


Good question.

I have no first hand experience with the BB.   BUT, if the outer mag tube is pinned in the receiver like the .22,  OR, if its slips into the receiver similar

to a Marlin, then the answer is possibly YES, it can be rotated.


First of all, when rotating the outer tube, you want its position to be where the round will slide into the loading port.

It helps A LOT if the loading port is enlarged to help allow the round to fall freely inside.


If it is pinned, there are some precautions to watch out for:


1.  when re-establishing a new 'groove' in the outer tube for the pin to push thru,  be cautious if that hole is drilled OR punched because it can leave

a troublesome burr and cause some drag on the brass inner tube when pushing it in.   I have found that once the correct positioning of the outer

tube is established and the place for the pin to push thru, I always used a small, round diamond file to make my 'channel' to push the pin

back thru.


2.  If the brass inner tubing has a LONG protruding pin holding the cap in place, it possible that it will hit and scar the barrel when its

turned to lock in place.   The pin can be shortened accordingly to help keep it from scratching the barrel.


Feel free to call me and I can explain better if needed.

865 / 696-1996


Wish you well.




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5 hours ago, Anvil Al #59168 said:



Point me in the right direction.


Howdy Al.    The first part of this video covers the process in turning the tube on the .22



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