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WTB: Pair of 6" or 7" Ruger Single Sixes in .32 Mag - Adjustable Sights

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I am placing this "want to buy" ad on behalf of my father, Rusty Drall. He is in the market for a pair of Ruger Single Sixes in .32 Magnum with adjustable sights.


He would prefer that they already have action work on them.


He is not interested in shorter barrels. His current main-match guns are a pair of 7" Ruger Blackhawks. He is wanting the single-sixes as a lighter option.


Adjustable sights are a must.


If you have a pair for sale, PM me and I'll get you in touch with Dad.

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BTT - Still looking for a pair of Ruger .32 single-sixes

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Hope you can scare a pair up. I don’t have a vast collection, maybe 15 handguns total, but my SSM has the sweetest trigger of all my handguns. I don’t know if they still come that slick out of the box or if they just paid particular attention to all the SSMs that went out in ‘84, but it is an absolute joy to shoot.

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Dad found one on Gun Broker and another gun smith on these forums has one available. If he cannot get a matching pair, I’ll come back to this post. Thanks!

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On 5/17/2022 at 8:31 PM, Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904 said:

I've got a 5.5" blue 32 single six with adjustable sights, would that work for ya?

If Flsco Joe isn't interested I might be. Csn you pm me the details and price. Thanks

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